Not everyone wants their marriage ceremony to be a symphony of bells and whistles. Many couples go offshore for their wedding celebrations and just want to ‘tick the box’ on legal marriage requirements in Australia. Others just want to elope quietly somewhere local and stunning.

So - this may be the option for you. A quick and simple ceremony of marriage performed at a beautiful riverside Mosman Park location (or elsewhere by negotiation) for just the two of you, your two witnesses, and maybe just a small posse of guests, Monday to Thursday.

I’ll meet you at a mutually convenient location and time to complete the legal paperwork (legally, this must be at least one month prior to your wedding), perform a very straightforward ceremony at either location on the appointed day and ensure all documents are lodged with the Registrar immediately after the event. Professional, personal and easy.

Just $445 – comparable to Registry Office fees, but much more convenient and personal.(A small additional fee may be payable if the location is more than 10km frentom Mosman Park)

Contact me for more information about Fuss-Free Ceremonies