Telling it like it is – or was

The best bit of the weddings I develop is the personal story. I love finding out where a couple’s relationship has come from, what makes them tick and if I can illuminate their quirkiness and individuality, so much the better. It’s the backstory to the wedding but it’s written with a tongue-in-cheek humour for people who don’t take themselves entirely seriously. It’s designed to make guests smile, laugh and really engage.

This has led to a new service. Due to the shortage of Saturday afternoons in any week, I can’t perform everyone’s ceremony. I can still write your story to be included in your ceremony though, whoever is delivering it and wherever it is. Writing appropriate humour for a wedding ceremony is a delicate task and a long background as a humour writer has given me the experience and insight to create the perfect balance of fun and feels.

To show you how it might look, I’m writing the stories of some people in the public eye, which are featured in the blog. I’ve started with Sam and Snezana (if you hadn't heard enough about them already.)

I can write a personal story for your wedding whether you’re in
Armadale or Arkansas, thanks to the might of Skype. If you’re in Perth we can meet over a coffee, but anywhere else in Australia or the world we can meet over a screen and drink whatever we like.

The fee to develop a personal story of around 500 words (5 minutes speaking time) for your ceremony is $275 inclusive.

What recent clients have said:

"Oh Wendy!!! I cried and laughed! You have written such a beautiful story! I am so impressed you managed to get that beautiful gem out of the garbled mess we gave you!"

“Oh thank you so so much. Just had a quick read and it made me laugh and tear up at the same time.”

“WOW is all I can say for our personal story I think you described us very well and we love the humour“

"Its perfect i was almost laughing too hard to read it to C :D “

“We have read and both love your words :) It's funny and casual (which is us to a tee!) but also emotional where it needs to be, thank you so much :) “

“We love it! It’s absolutely perfect Wendy thanks so much”

"I love the story - it had me laughing at work and people looking at me wondering what was I looking at :-D"