Hi there! Whether you plan to make your vows while bungee-jumping into a pool of piranha fish, or in a more traditional, feet-on-dry-land sort of a way, your ceremony should be unique and personal. 

I'm not a fan of 'insert name here' ceremonies and let's be honest, some can be cheesier than the store room of Dominos. So - I individually write and develop marriage ceremonies that:

  • are vibrant and reflect your lives, values and personalities;

  • include gentle humour in the right places;

  • are engaging, entertaining and fun;

  • move people emotionally, without being gushier than Niagara Falls; and

  • don’t feel like they’re going on forever.

Latest research tells us that humans now have an 8-second attention span - one second less than goldfish. (Who rarely get invited to weddings.) So every element of a ceremony has to be interesting and relevant. Your guests will be taken through a range of emotions - from laughter to tears, without ever passing through boredom. (And there's more - just scroll down a tad)

In support of marriage equality

In support of marriage equality

Ceremonies done differently

Ceremonies done differently

 A great wedding should be fun, respectful of the commitment you are making and capture your personalities.  The process is easy - I'll hold your hand and guide you throughout.

Alternatively, you may just want something quick and simple to tick the legal boxes without going to the Registry Office.  Options and Prices gives you all the info.

But don't just take my word for it - please see the nice things people say or check out the Facebook reviews.

 An initial meeting (obligation and fee-free) can be organised at a mutually convenient time and location. Subsequent meetings can even be held at your home, so you don't have to give up your evening or weekend time to come to my office.

As a creative and professional marriage celebrant, I prefer to work with a bit of time up my sleeve, but please contact me with your wedding date if you need space at short notice and I'll get back to you straight away.  But allow extra time if we need to order piranha fish.